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Air & Water Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. has been the proud fabricator of atmospheric water harvesting machines in Pakistan. With the ever growing need of water, our units can be tailored to produced water from 10 Litres to over 100 Litres per day.

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Furat Indoors

Furat indoor water harvesting machines are best suited for apartments and for drinking purposes. They have been carefully optimized for giving the best value for electricity used. Furat indoor units are here to replace your water dispensers, your kettle and your plastic consumption. Aftersales services is the pride we carry!

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Furat Outdoors

Furat outdoor units are there for houses having rooftop space. They give you the real sustainable and true renewable using sunlight to get you water. You can use these panels for your daily use as per space available. Our team can provide you cosultation, installation and maintenace. You cannot get wrong going green.

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Friday 27 November 2020

why do we need water from air

In a nut shell

The deficiency of water has expanded dramatically because of populace development and tainting of accessible water, particularly in water tables that give water to general utilization because fresh water is a necessity for people of Pakistan to fulfill their day to day need of water consumption. Moreover, Pakistan is an agricultural country and most of its economy is dependent upon it. Therefore, to overcome this problem it is necessary to explore new technologies to provide the population with fresh water and atmospheric water generator is an answer to all the problems related to water scarcity.

What is it?

An atmospheric water generator (AWG) is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. All air contains at least a little water depending upon the relative humidity of the air and water generators basically use different methods to extract those vapors out from the ambient air. The methods used by the water generator to collect atmospheric water is condensing the air by cooling it below its dew point or dehumidifying the air by exposing it to a desiccant or we can simply say extraction of water can be active or passive.

Some Advantages

  • Water from air that water generators make contains rich oxygen which not only improves metabolism of the body but also tastes sweeter and better.
  • Will overcome all the problems by providing a pure supply of water for all the staff members, patients and visitors of the hospital, small clinics and a little impact in the agriculture on a small scale too.
  • Will be a blessing for the female gender of the rural and underdeveloped areas if once implanted there.
  • Able to be scaled drastically.
  • Emergency response conditions can take the most benefit out of it.

Tuesday 24 November 2020


Furat is R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.A.R.Y.

We call Furat R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.A.R.Y. Keep reading why we say it so!

Reproduces the water you drain. Thanks to our Smart Drain technology. Be responsible, don’t waste.
Energy saved wherever and whenever possible. Tailored specifically for extracting water out from air. 50 Liters guaranteed!
Visible in the dark screen. Shows you ambient temperature, humidity, water filter life & the indicators in a red illumination.
One cup (1 cup concept) at a time heated to save dear electricity. Beeps when your tea water is ready. Welcome your new kettle.
Life of filters shown by the life circle. Tells you when it needs a replacement. Pre order to be hassle-free!
Ultra-professional. Glossy fronts will catch everyone’s eye. Goes along with residential and commercial settings seamlessly!
Trips when a power surge occurs or a high voltage passes. Safe and shortcircuit-free. We can bring it back to life almost immediately.
Interrupted power will never interrupt your supply of hard-earned water. No power required to dispense the purified water at outlets.
Order is all yours. Independently select which functions to perform. Either cold only, hot only or water at room temperature. Save energy.
Notifies you if anything goes wrong. See the product manual and decipher the problems. Call us otherwise.
After sales service guaranteed. We make it, we assure it’s operation. We own our brainchild afterall.
Reverse Osmosis with 8 stages water purification gets rid of any contaminant, bacteria, viruses and allergens.
Your very own product, made in Pakistan!

What is Furat

Furat Philosophy

We have been asked about Furat and the philosophy behind it. This article is there for all the curious minds out there. Furat is our brand name for atmospheric water generator machines and panels, however, the story digs deep into the river Euphrates.

Arabic: Furat, English: Euphrates

Furat literally means river Euphrates. Euphrates is an important river in the western asia. It originates from Eastern Turkey and moves through Syria and Iraq to meet Tigris river. The river has many profound mentions in the historical and religious contexts.

Euphrate (Wikimedia Commons)

Good to know

50000 children
under age of 10 die of waterborne diseases in Pakistan, 50% of the total deaths from contaminated water!
16500 meters
high pile can be made from plastics wasted in Pakistan each year. Count how many we drink from and dispose off?
325 particles
per litre of microplastics found in bottled water, going as high as 10000 particles of microplastics per litre!

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